• SHPB: From soft to hard our setup can handle all kind of materials.
  • TSHPB: Our quality Tension SHPB can provide high strain rates from 100 to 5000.
  • This setup is capable of measuring dynamic fracture toughness of range of materials.
  • This launch system is capable to accelerating mass with velocity from 10 to 600m/sec.
  • This rig is capable to accelerating mass with velocity from 100 to 1200m/sec.

The Engineers and Builders Company was founded in 2015, and has been providing quality experimental rigs for evaluating dynamic behavior of materials under high rate of loading. We sell products that includes Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar for both compression (SHPB) and tension (TSHPB), Dynamic Fracture toughness measurement (3 point bend) rig, single and double stage launch systems based on single stage and two stage gas gun techniques, shock tubes etc. We offer a complete solution from hardware to data acquisition and then to a analysis software. If you are interested in our product-line or would like to buy them please contact us through our contact us page. We will update this page further soon.